Some people may think that a turtle's shell is a perfect canvas for art when in reality, it is dangerous for the turtle. A western box turtle from Greeley is now recovering after the paint has been removed from its shell.

Northern Colorado Wildlife Center's team picked up the western box turtle in Greeley that was found with three different types of nail polish on their shell. Rescuers have removed the nail polish off of the poor turtle's shell and is now recovering.

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Why is paint bad for a turtle's shell? The hard outer shell of a turtle is composed of bone and keratin. A turtle's shell not only provides protection, but it also absorbs sunlight and UVB rays which produce nutrients that are essential for a turtle's health.

Painting a turtle's shell, especially with bright colors, hide the turtle's natural colors which are used as camouflage. Check out the photos from the Northern Colorado Wildlife Center on the process of removing the paint from this western box turtle that was rescued in Greeley:

Northern Colorado Wildlife Center is a nonprofit wildlife rehabilitation center that rehabilitates and rescues sick and injured reptiles and amphibians. If you would like to learn more about the Northern Colorado Wildlife Center, you can do so HERE.

Source: Nothern Colorado Wildlife Center Facebook

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