A week after the initial July 20 Black Hollow flood, the Larimer County Sherrif's Office has released the final update regarding the damage and victims. Fox31 reported on July 22 that the missing people were three family members. In an email, it was also confirmed by the Larimer County Sheriff's office that three people had been identified and one was still missing.

Search operations have been suspended until further leads about the missing adult female are received. She has been identified as 57-year-old Texas resident Diana Brown. The other missing adults were also identified by the Larimer County Coroner's Office to be 59-year-old Patricia Brown from Madison, Wisconsin and 85-year-old Richard Brown from Bellevue, Colorado.

The three victims were known to be together at the time of the flood.

According to the  final report, over the course of the search, 62 rescuers spent 858 hours in the canyon. The first 400 hours were a search and rescue mission that became search and recovery in the last days. LCSO Emergency Services, LCSO IA Module, Larimer County Drone Team, Larimer County Search and Rescue, adn Larimer County Dive Rescue pooled their resources to search in the water and on foot with dogs and drones.

Response contributions were also provided by Colorado State Patrol, Poudre Canyon Fire, US Forest Service, Colorado Division of Fire Prevention and Control, Poudre Fire Authority, UCHealth, and the Larimer County Regional All-Hazards/Crisis Response Team.

Additional damage from the incident included the destruction of seven structures and a large amount of forest debris that will continue to impact the canyon. Long-term recovery efforts are currently underway.

The Larimer County Sheriff's Office urged the importance of how quickly conditions can change in the canyon, saying:

Our thoughts and sympathy are with the survivors. This tragic incident illustrates how quickly conditions in the canyons can change [...] if you find yourself in a flash flood climb to safety.

All reports from the incident can be found on the Larimer County Sheriff's Office website.


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