There is a place where we all have to go at least once a year for something. The wait is long, it is always boring, and it tends to drive you crazy.

This magical place that I speak of is none other than the DMV. So why not make the DMV a little bit more tolerable while you are waiting.

Bring some snacks to hold over the hunger pangs you most certainly will get while waiting for your turn. Number 97 you will be waiting awhile. 

Take a board game or two with you. Maybe Operation or Monopoly and get the other people waiting to play with you. Keep it nice if you're going to play Monopoly because it can get mean.

Bring a pillow and maybe a blanket because the wait is going to make you sleepy. So get comfortable because you are the one waiting. 

You will never have enough money when heading to the DMV. So don't forget to bring your arm and your leg. 

Take a portable DVD player and a couple movies. You will be sitting and waiting for quite a while so why not just watch a movie. Don't forget your headphones so you can laugh at your movie while people look at you weird. 

I hope these few ideas help make your experience at the DMV an enjoyable one. Or at least make it a little bit more tolerable.

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