Everyone knows that Colorado is an amazing place to live or visit. It doesn't matter the beauty and things to do here are unmatched. Here are a few things you need to do in Colorado before you die.

I guarantee there are some things in Colorado that you didn't even know were here. Some of them you might have heard of but just haven't done it yet.

This is one I would love to go and do with my wife and children. For one I have never ridden a train before and I think that both my girls would enjoy it. So why not do a first time ride at the Royal Gorge Railroad. I suggest going do this on Friday or Saturday because kids are free.

If you wanted to go to one place in Colorado to see why our state is the most beautiful then look no further that Maroon Bells. People come from all over to see these peaks. They are considered the most photographed in North America. There is a small recreational fee but it is worth every penny.

Okay, I have been to Denver several times and I had no idea this was there. This is something to do with your family or a group of friends. Preferably with a group of friends. Pedal Hopper makes pedal the bike around Denver while also having drinks with your friends. This is something I am sure going to try before I die.

Do you want to be in four different states at one time? Well, you can if you head to the Four Corners. This is the ONLY place in the United States that you would be able to do such a thing. The visitor center is open year round so it doesn't matter the time you go.

Cave of the Winds is a place you must go. Terror-Dactyl is the main attraction and the only one of its kind in the world. They drop you 200 feet while going up to 100 miles per hour. It will get your heart racing to the extreme. So why not try it before you die. I know my fear of heights isn't going to hold me back from this one.

This is only a few of things you can do around Colorado before you die. So why not get out there and try them. I will be trying them all along with you.

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