Did you know that these superstars are all from Colorado?

From the website westward.com, an article that came out in February 2013 ranks the Top Ten Athletes from our state.

It has been almost four years, so are there any changes or substitutions that you feel need to be made?

Here is the list from westward.com:

  • 10) Vincent Jackson - 3 time Pro Bowl wide receiver who has played for both the San Diego Chargers and Tampa Bay Bucs. From Colorado Springs.
  • 9) Buddy Lazier - 1996 Indianapolis 500 winner. 2000 Indy Racing League champion. Born in Vail.
  • 8) Aaron Smith - a Fourth round draft pick of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Won two Super Bowl rings in 2005 and 2008. From Colorado Springs.
  • 7) Rich 'Goose' Gossage - 2008 Baseball Hall of Fame inductee as a relief pitcher. Hometown is Colorado Springs.
  • 6) Bobby Unser - Three-times Indianapolis 500 winner. Born in Colorado Springs, although the family moved to New Mexico when Bobby was one.
  • 5) Roy Halladay - Eight-times All-Star pitcher. Two-time Cy Young Award winner. Pitched a perfect game May 29, 2010. Hometown is Denver.
  • 4) Earl Harry 'Dutch' Clark - Six-time NFL Pro Bowler, 1930's All-Decade team and a member of the 75th Anniversary All-Time team. Played high school football in Pueblo.
  • 3) Chauncy Billups - Five-times NBA All-Star, 2004 NBA Champion and Finals MVP. Three-time Mr. Colorado Basketball. Grew up in Denver.
  • 2) Amy Van Dyken - Six-times Olympic Gold Medal winning swimmer. Born in Denver.
  • 1) Jack Dempsey - 'The Manassa Mauler.' Boxing Hall of Fame inductee. From Manassa, CO.

Pretty impressive list. Anyone they missed?

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