There are literally hundreds of things you already should know about Grand Junction, but here for you are ten that we're sure you will recognize.

  • Home to the Colorado National Monument

    Robert Grant

    It's only the most recognizable aspect of the Grand Valley, that's all. Oh and one of the most scenic places around too. And history? Yeah, it has a ton of that.

  • Golf at Its Finest

    Thinkstock Photo

    There are five courses within minutes of downtown Grand Junction that will provide hours of fun and relaxation as you take in a round of golf. Unless you're me and have to spend most of your time on the links looking for your ball. It's still a lot of fun, though.

  • Some truly Amazing Hikes

    Waylon Jordan

    The trail system in and around Grand Junction takes all of the beauty of the area and combines it with incredible exercise to make hiking in Grand Junction one well known and well-liked form of exercise.

  • The Home of Country Jam


    Even if you're not a big country fan, having the stars come out to play in your backyard is a pretty cool event. Every year, for four days, Mack turns into little Nashville as Country Jam jams out. A true don't miss this kind of event.

  • Mount Garfield

    Waylon Jordan

    It's easy to spot but a challenge to play on. Mount Garfield boasts some of the best and most picturesque hiking trails anywhere. And while other places have hiking trails, they don't have anything like Mount Garfield to hike.

  • Right Here in River City

    Zane Mathews

    Grand Junction got its name for being at the confluence of the Colorado and Gunnison Rivers, and has earned the nickname "River City"

  • Heart of Colorado Wine Country


    The wine produced locally are some of the best in the state, and people flock here to taste and buy them. Small wonder we're the heart of Colorado Wine Country.

  • I-70 Runs Through It

    Zane Mathews

    The 2,151-mile long highway runs through Grand Junction making it a great destination whether you're on your way to a place or from a place.

  • An All American CIty

    Bob Grant

    Grand Junction was named an All American City in 1962 for the huge changes that were made to the downtown area, which is still vibrant today.

  • A Very Sunny Place

    Waylon Jordan

    On average there are 245 sunny days in Grand Junction. Grand Junction also gets lower than average snow and rainfall.