Snowboarder Chris Corning is an Olympian, X Games medalist and a world champion. This is how he got started snowboarding 13 years ago, how his dogs feel about snowboarding and his favorite dish to cook.

Mix 104.3's Local Love this week is all about 20-year-old snowboarder Chris Corning who currently lives in Vail. He says his love for snowboarding started when he was about seven years old. He was skiing at the time and saw his neighbor snowboarding so he told his dad he wanted to try it and here he is 13 years later -- an Olympic snowboarder and competing in the X Games in Aspen this week

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Chris Corning is competing in big air and slopestyle this week in the X Games. He says his favorite out of the two is slopestyle because there's more riding it. Slopestyle is more like a game while gig Air is more about guts and seeing who can go the biggest. His favorite trick is a front 7 or a back 7.

Chris is really into cooking and learned how to cook from his host parents in Aspen when he was 15 or 16. He said they made it fun and that's why it all started. Chris says his favorite dish to make is homemade pasta and loves to make it with his girlfriend.

Even his pets are into the snow. Chris has two dogs, a black lab and a pomeranian mix -- Roost and Piston. They go on skinning trips with his girlfriend and one rides in a backpack while the other runs his little heart out, according to Chris.

He spent about a month in Pyeonchang for the 2018 Olympics. Chris says it was some of the coldest weather he's ever snowboarded in. He says he ended up fourth and he 'did an okay job but hopefully next time in China 2022 I can do better.'

Seems like Chris Corning just stays cooking up wins, we're happy to see someone from Colorado out there crushing the competition. Best of luck to you in big air and slopestyle in the X Games in Aspen this week, and in the Burton World Cup, the U.S. Open and in the Olympics.

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