If you go fishing in Colorado, you should know these six things. Some of these things are brand new for Colorado and others have held true since the beginning of time. Seriously, don't go fishing without know these things first.

  • 1

    No Plants or Plugs

  • 2

    The Bait That Smiles Back

    This fishing bait is now smiling back because you can't use it for bait anymore. Goldfish can no longer be used as fishing bait here in Colorado. That's because they're no longer considered minnows.

  • 3

    Don't Pick a Home For Your Fish

    Don't move fish from one body of water to another. It's illegal and you could lose your license for it and pay a big old fine. Plus, how do you know if that body of water is where the fish wants to live now? Put the fish back where you found it.

  • 4

    Nothing Bigger Than Ten Inches

    When it comes to ice fishing, you can't have any ice-fishing holes bigger than ten inches in diameter. Also if you have a fire, make sure its enclosed in a container. You wouldn't want to melt the ice you're standing on.

  • 5

    16 and Older

    If you're 16 and older here in Colorado, you need to have a fishing license. There are some exceptions to this. I went ahead and bought my license for the year in hope of getting as much fishing in as possible.

  • 6

    Be Quiet (Please and Thank You)

    A big part of fishing is the peace you get while doing it. It's hard to get that if someone is constantly talking to you or just talking loudly. We're hear to enjoy the sounds of nature, not the sounds of people.