If you're in relationship than you know that sharing isn't optional and sides of the beds and pillows are assigned These are 7 things that everyone in a relationship in Grand Junction knows.

  • 1

    Sharing is Not Optional

    When you're in a relationship, sharing is not optional. What yours is theirs, even that last beer that you're drinking. Yes, that's right, you have to share.

  • 2

    One is Hot and One is Cold

    Everyone knows there will always be a hot one and a cold one in every relationship, Meaning that one of you almost always is hot and the other is almost always cold. I'm almost always cold, but sometimes roles reverse. If you're in a relationship, get your blankies or fans ready.

  • 3

    Assigned Bed Sides and Pillows

    When you're in a relationship, you know that not only are there assigned sides of the bed, there's also assigned pillows. Just last night I saw my boyfriend attempting to steal my pillow and I said 'oh no baby, what is you doin?'

  • 4

    Everyone Pitches In

    Whether you pitch in with your money or helping out with the house or other things, in some way, shape or form everyone in the relationship contributes. Everyone in a relationship knows this.

  • 5

    Don't Trust 'Don't Get Me Anything'

    If you're in a relationship you know not to trust the 'don't get me anything' expression. When your partner says not to get them anything for a special occasion, don't believe it. Get them something anyway. It could be small but its the thought that counts.

  • 6

    Taking Care of Kids/Pets Isn't One Sided

    Everyone knows that if you've got a kid or a pet, than it's a two person job. No one person is in charge of taking care of your kids and pets. Both people in the relationship should look after both human babies and fur babies alike.

  • 7

    Be Nice to Family (In Person)

    In a relationship no matter how much you despise your partner's family, you have to be nice to them. This only goes for when you see them in person. When you're not around them, feel free to talk smack about when you were around them.

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