A possible new apartment complex has residents reacting. 

The proposed 32-unit, three-story building to be located at 10th street and Grand Avenue will be the first of it's kind in Grand Junction. The residence will contain multifamily, plus dormitory style rooms, in apartments with three or four bedrooms with tenants sharing bathroom and kitchen facilities.

Many neighbors in the area are opposed to this idea. Their concerns range from limited parking, possibility of increased crime to questioning the possible clientele that would live there. That abandoned church that is there now is a beautiful building. Not sure if they are thinking of renovating that or tearing it all down.

A much more in-depth look at this proposal is located at the Daily Sentinel.

I'm confused on the dormitory aspect of the building. Are they hoping for CMU students to live there? Could you imagine living dorm style as an adult? What about with a family?

Do you think the neighbors protest will have any impact? I have feeling that if that if does go through, many of those area residents will quickly move out of the neighborhood.



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