A couple years ago, there were a lot of rumors swirling around Washington County that Post Malone was set to move to St. George Utah.

The rumors may have started when the house was built on a road named "Post Malone Drive" by someone on google maps.  Or maybe it just started because we're from Utah and gossip is kind of our thing.

The rumors were so pervasive at one point, that many of us went through the trouble of trespassing while it was being built to see what it was like.  This may or may not be an autobiographical statement, but I don't know what the statute of limitations is on trespassing charges so lets leave it at "some people did that".

In fact, according to a recent interview by St. George News with Realtor Bryan Burnett of Century 21, this home was built "on spec" for future buyers, and not by an individual.  In other words, this house was never owned by, or built specifically on behalf of, Post Malone.

According to it's listing on Zillow, This $10,000,000 4 bed, 7 bath, 9,388 square foot fortress of cool is located at the top of a private one-lane road at 405 E. Nichols Pead Rd in St. George Utah. 

Long story short, here's the "Post Malone House" in all it's glory.  Lets go inside and try not to get arrested.

Inside The Rumored "Post Malone House" in St. George Utah

This is the house we all thought Post Malone was going to move into


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