Barns can be fun to decorate. Recently we told you what the star decoration on a barn means, but what about those "barn quilts"? The geometric patterns resemble a quilt block you might find on a gifted blanket from grandma. The ones you see on barns are often painted on a piece of wood.

What does a barn quilt represent? It depends. Some say it's folk art to honor loved ones. Others describe them as painted prayers. Many say they protect the barn and the animals inside.

According to the St. Cloud Times "in the early 2000s, a barn decorating revival in the form of “barn quilts,” started showing up."

The cool thing is, that you pick what you like. Pick colors and designs that represent you. Unless of course you have some of the rich heritage often found in the midwest where families have their own colorful quilt pattern that has been passed down through generations according to Wide Open Country.

These friends of mine went the extra step with their barn quilt. If you look closely to the bottom left, you'll see the Van Halen guitar logo. Who says you can't add a little rock to the barn.

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