It's time for predictions for Week 4 of the 2020 NFL season.

After a perfect week in Week 2, I was a bit more pedestrian in Week 3, going 8-7-1.

Still, I'm off to a solid start in 2020, with an overall record of 32-15-1.

Let's try to keep in going this week.

Week 4 looks like another great week with a number of interesting games on the schedule, but I want to focus on three before I get to all of my predictions for this week.

Broncos at Jets---What makes this game, featuring two winless teams so interesting, you ask? Well, here, we have Denver, who is 0-3, playing on the road, on a Thursday evening, with a backup quarterback, and without their best defensive player (Von Miller), but yet they opened the week as the favorite. That kind of tells you right there how dreadful the Jets have been/are. New York has been outscored, 94-37, which in the NFL, a league based on parity, is astonishing. Denver, while also 0-3, played the Titans to a two-point game, and the Steelers to a five-point contest. I seldom pick a visiting team on Thursday night, especially one with as many issues as the Broncos, but I just can't pick the Jets

Steelers at Titans---We don't even know if this one is even going to be played, as it has already been postponed, due to COVID-19 issues, but could still be played on Monday, or even as late as Tuesday. These are two unbeaten teams who have looked really good this season. Pittsburgh, who has Ben Roethlisberger back this season, after an injury last year, looks like legitimate Super Bowls contenders in the early going. But there is still a tad of a question in my mind. The Steelers have wins over three winless teams (Giants, Broncos, Texans), with two of those wins coming by a touchdown or less. Meanwhile, the Titans are also unbeaten, but their opponents (Broncos, Jaguars, and Vikings) have a combined record of only 1-8, and all of those wins have been by a field goal or less. This is a big game, with possible tie-breaker implications for the playoffs involved.

Vikings at Texans---Not many would have predicted that one of these teams would have been winless after three weeks of the season, much less both. Yes, it's still early, but you simply cannot begin the year 0-4 and rebound to make the playoffs. This is a must-win for both teams. One of these teams is going to be 0-4, and that unbelievable to me.

Now, enough with the talking; here are the picks for Week 4:

Broncos at Jets---Broncos
Colts at Bears---Bears
Jaguars at Bengals---Bengals
Browns at Cowboys---Cowboys
Saints at Lions---Saints
Steelers at Titans---Titans
Seahawks at Dolphins---Seahawks
Chargers at Buccaneers---Buccaneers
Ravens at Washington---Ravens
Cardinals at Panthers---Cardinals
Vikings at Texans---Texans
Giants at Rams---Rams
Patriots at Chiefs---Chiefs
Bills at Raiders---Bills
Eagles at 49ers---49ers
Falcons at Packers---Packers

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