Did you receive a text message this morning saying "Credit Union Alert! Your debit card is locked"? Before you call your credit union, rest assured this is most definitely a scam.

Customers of Coloramo Federal Credit Union in Western Colorado started seeing this message today (Thursday, October 6.) I received the text at 10:33 this morning. It didn't take long for me to peg this as a hoax since I don't bank at Coloramo.

Some receiving the text message followed the instructions and called the number. They were met by an automated system asking for the 16 digit card number, expiration date, and PIN.
The phone number you see in the photo above has already been disconnected. The public is being warned, however, the scammers will undoubtedly send new messages from a different number.

A press release from Coloramo Federal Credit Union was sent out shortly after 11 am this morning. The release states:

These texts are not originating from Coloramo. We do NOT send out texts that ask you to enter your card information. They are being sent nationwide to phish for people to call them back and provide their card information. Rest assured that member data at Coloramo has NOT been compromised or breached in any way. - Coloramo Federal Credit Union

As of 4 pm on Thursday I have not received a follow-up text. Please help spread the word.

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