I have lived in Grand Junction since 2000 and I have seen quite a few changes. Some of them good, some of them not so good. Sitting here today I thought I could give myself good reasons you shouldn't move here.

The Wages in Grand Junction Suck


Let's start where everything starts -- money. As in very few places pay much of it. Consider the fact that even a two income household will have to struggle to make it month to month. According to the living wage calculator, the living wage needed for just one adult is 10.52. Add in one child, and a person would need to make 23.79 an hour to make it here. I have two jobs myself and combined they don't equal that. Of course, if you are in the health care industry or the oil field, you are probably making close to that.

Rent is High


According to the last study, which was in 2015, the average for rent in Grand Junction for a 2 bedroom apartment is $897. If you work an 80 hour week at $10.00 an hour, you would gross $1,600 per month, which means your rent, if you only work one job is more than 50% of your monthly gross. Rent should never be more than 25%. So in order to make that work, you have to work more hours or get a second job.

No Time For Fun


Grand Junction has a myriad of things to do, places to see and fun to be had. But when you look at what you need to do to just survive, it doesn't leave you much, if any time for those things. The frustrating part is seeing your friends go hiking, biking, or boating while you're getting ready to go work again.

A Serious Lack of Night Life Options


If you like to party and dance the night away, your options in Grand Junction are limited. There are a few clubs here and there, but they are hit and miss. When you do have some time, especially on a weekend night, to get your party on, wouldn't it be nice to be able to find a few places to do so? Not the one or maybe two we have now.

Closed Minded City Council

Digital Vision

Despite the glaring needs this community has, the council refuses to grant licenses to marijuana dispensaries. Marijuana users have to go outside of Grand Junction to purchase what is legal and thriving statewide. Imagine the uproar if suddenly no liquor stores were allowed. The tax money this community would see from the dispensaries would surely help strengthen, not weaken the community.

I could go on, but what's the point. As a single man, I have to work two jobs to support just myself and my small dog. And I barely make it. Maybe someday that will change, locally. It's just not this day.

So, if you're thinking of moving here, don't.

Seriously. It's not that bad.