It's a major upgrade for Glade Park travelers.

A Much Welcome Change

For those who don't frequent Glade Park and the area south of the Colorado National Monument, you'd never know it's happening and wouldn't even care. But, for the many who do, it's a much-welcomed change.

Chris Autzen

The Rest of the Road Gets Paved

Motorists traveling from Fruita to Glade Park will soon be enjoying the comfort of a completely paved road from the monument all the way to the Glade Park Store located on DS Road. The final mile of 16 1/2 Road directly south of the monument is in the middle of a major paving project. For years, 16 1/2 Road has been paved from the Glade Park Store for about three miles before turning to gravel until you get to the scenic loop on the monument.

Chris Autzen
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4th of July Campers Should Come Up From the Grand Junction Side

One Glade Park resident suggested to me that campers, who may be headed up to the Uncompaghre for the holiday weekend with their big rig, might want to use an alternate route because of the road work. If you are traveling the road during the week you'll want to exercise caution as you navigate the workers and the heavy equipment.

Chris Autzen

When the project is completed it will be a great improvement for Glade Park residents and folks who may be heading up for special events like Movies Under the Stars, put on by the Glade Park Volunteer Fire Department, or those heading up for a campout. I think I might drive up there just for the fun of it when the project is completed.

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