Cheers to those go-to drinks that never disappoint. From Moscow mules to margaritas, these are Grand Junction's favorite drinks.

It's five o'clock somewhere and it's time to crack a cold one. We asked you on our Facebook what your go-to drink is, and now we've got a whole list of the best thirst quenchers. Here are Grand Junction's favorite drinks and no, not all of them have alcohol in them.

Angry Balls + Fireball

Melanie Scott commented on our Facebook and says her favorite drinks are Angry Balls and margaritas. We had to look up what an Angry Ball is, it's Fireball + Angry Orchard cider mixed together. Azteka says her go-to drink is Fireball.

Moscow Mules + Mixed Drinks

Katie Mattinson says she likes to go for Moscow Mules and we can't blame her. I started truly appreciating these drinks after I tried one at Peach Street Distillers. Donna's drink is Titos vodka with sugar-free red bull. Alexis Olson goes for the classic rum and coke.

Beer + More

I'm surprised more people didn't say beer since Colorado is the king of craft beer. There are lots and lots of drinks out there though, and I guess I can't say that I drink beer all the time anyway. Other than Titos and Red Bull, Donna likes to drink Coors Light, but it has to be from a bottle. Megan Kemmis says White Claw because 'ain't no law when drinkin' the claw!.' Some more answers include:

  • Mojito
  • Moscato
  • Dr. Pepper
  • V8
  • Unsweetened ice tea with 3 Splendas
  • Water
  • Blue Motorcycle
  • Greyhound
  • Activated weed and water