It's time to meet one of the newest officers at the Montrose County Sheriff's Office.

Last month we shared with you the story of how Tigo found a woman who had been suffering from a mental health episode. If not for Tigo the woman might not have been found and could have died.

Tigo has been on the job for less than a month but reportedly already found his way to the coffee pot and the microwave - two very important elements in the workplace. When Tigo isn't engaged in police work with Sergeant Searcy, he gets to spend time on the farm.

Montrose County Sheriff's Office via Facebook
Montrose County Sheriff's Office via Facebook

Tigo has some admirable qualities. Besides being absolutely gorgeous, he's smart, and has chosen a distinguished career path. After serving the Montrose County Sheriff's Office, Tigo will have a chance to frolic and play like other dogs. For now, it's all business for this K-9 cop, but I have a feeling he won't be complaining.

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