A man scouting for a fall hunting trip was attacked last weekend.

As many of you prepare for upcoming fall hunting, fishing, camping, and hiking trips keep an eye out for aggressive mountain lions. Just a couple of days ago I posted a story warning of hungry bears, now mountain lions? Apparently so.

The attack occurred just after dark Saturday evening just outside of Kremmling, Colorado. The man spotted the young mountain lion and the backed away a considerable distance. While backing away the man fell and the lion pounced on him. The man pulled his pocket knife and fought off the beast.

Colorado Parks & Wildlife officers found the mountain lion early Sunday morning and put the animal down. It was a young adult male mountain lion. Officials believe the lion was acting aggressively because it was hungry. The lion had an empty stomach and was displaying aggressive behavior. Read more about what you should do if you encounter a mountain lion encounter by clicking HERE.

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