Have some extra fun this summer and knock at least one of these three places off your 'must-see' list.

The Centennial State has 100s of places and destinations for all sorts of travelers, whether they be from out of state, or stay-cationers. From Fort Collins, the distances for each are 3, 4, or 5 hours away. Ready for a road trip or two?


Two of the three you can immerse yourself in, while the third is more a spectator attraction. One is in a place that we've all heard of, often; one is a place we sometimes hear about, and the third is probably on the list because it's hardly mentioned at all.

The three are on a list created by ProMoverReviews.com. They connect people with professional movers, so they've seen a lot of America, and have compiled a list of 150 small-town attractions.

Two of the attractions are natural, one is man-made, which makes that one even more special. It's an attraction fueled by passion, not for a lover, but for Jesus. Do you have that kind of passion, a passion that would move you to create something that people would be recommended to seek out?

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Sure, you could get in the car and set out for Rocky Mountain National Park, Garden of the Gods, or the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, but imagine the stories you'll bring back when you get off the main roads and dig a little deeper within Colorado.

Here are Colorado's three:

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