The city of Keystone, Colorado is a perfect destination if you're looking for some high-altitude hikes with an incredible view.

Hiking is best during the spring and summer months but some of the trails we are going to peek at below are also great places to snowshoe and ski. Of course, Keystone Resort is close by if you are also looking for a great place to ski in the winter.

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10 Keystone Hiking Trails

The city of Keystone is located off US 6 between Silverthrone and Loveland. The town sits at about 10,800 feet. The surrounding area includes the Dillon Reservoir and several hiking trails that deserve your attention. Scroll on to learn more about 10 hikes in Keystone with maps and directions included in the photo gallery below.

Soda Ridge & Aqueduct Trails

Keystone Gulch

  • Trail Name: Keystone Gulch
  • Distance: 3.3 Miles
  • Climb: 1,399 feet
  • Max Elevation: 11,532 feet

Soda Creek to Horseshoe Gulch

Soda Creek Loop

  • Trail Name: Soda Creek Loop
  • Distance: 3.8 miles
  • Climb: 491 feet
  • Max Elevation: 9,480 feet

Sapphire Point

  • Trail Name: Sapphire Point
  • Distance: 3,228 feet
  • Climb: 28 feet
  • Max Elevation: 9,523 feet

Old Tenderfoot Trail

Oro Grande #65

  • Trail Name: Oro Grande #65
  • Distance: 7.1 Miles
  • Climb: 774 feet
  • Max Elevation: 9,395 feet/

Dillon Reservoir Loop

Ptarmigan Pass

  • Trail Name: Ptarmigan Pass
  • Distance: 2.1 Miles
  • Climb: 190 feet
  • Max Elevation: 11,973

Lily Pad Lake

  • Trail Name: Lily Pad Lake
  • Distance: 1.6 Miles
  • Descent: -997 feet
  • Max Elevation: 10,984 feet.

The Perfect Hiking Trails Near Keystone Colorado

High above 10,000 feet, the city of Keystone, Colorado is home to some incredible hiking trails that belong on your bucket list. Scroll on to get a closer look at the maps of some of Keystone's best hikes that include the surrounding areas of Dillon and Silverthrone.

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