It's one of those stories where you hear about it for the first time, and wonder if why you hadn't before; maybe you were too young, maybe it just fell off your radar. It comes up, because the man charged in the killing was just up for parole.

There's really no reason you should know everything about a person you see on screen, such as the Colorado murder of Kelsey Grammer's sister. They have lives, just like us, with personal highs and lows. We do our best to carry on after the lows, to see new highs, just as they do.

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It's a sad story, for sure. Kelsey Grammer was only 20-years-old when his 18-year-old sister Karen was killed in a crime spree in Colorado Springs. According to Westword, she worked at Red Lobster; while waiting in the parking lot for her boyfriend (who also worked there) to get off of work, she was abducted, raped, and murdered.

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The murder of his sister, is just one of several tragic events involving his family that Kelsey has seen. His father was murdered in 1968, and his two teenaged half-brothers both died in a scuba accident. It's amazing that much of the man's success comes from making people laugh.


According to Westword, three men went on a 12-day crime spree in Colorado Springs in the summer of 1975. Three people were killed, in cold blood, including Karen Grammer. The three men were convicted and sentenced (after their death penalties were overturned) to life in prison. Two of three have died in prison; the last of the men was recently up for parole, but was once again denied.

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