This fitness model/trainer definitely puts the "p-h" sound in "fitness." We're aware that's not great pun-work, but booty shots like these sell themselves.

Let's face it -- you're here for the buns, not the puns. That being the case, boy did you ever click through to the right post. Katya Elise Henry is today's Babe of the Day, and while she is a stunning beauty, she is most well known for a certain asset, which is particularly spectacular. Spoiler alert: It's her butt, guys.

Katya is a personal trainer who almost has us convinced to start working out again. Her IG bio says "train with me!" which is a very tempting invite. We'd love to get "personal" with her, but that "training" part sounds hard. We'll have to look at these pics for a really long time and think this over.

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