Rough waters resulted in seven people and a dog needing rescue on Colorado's Dolores River. Authorities encourage you to use your head and play it safe.

Two different incidents resulted in seven people and a dog needing rescue near mile marker 107 on Highway 141. What happened? According to the Mesa County Sheriff's Office, snags in the middle of the Dolores River, along with stronger-than-normal currents, caused overturned rafts. Two different rafting parties found themselves hung up on the debris. Ultimately, those people found themselves in the water.

Take a look at the video below. This video was shot exactly one month ago today (May 4, 2019). It shows the Dolores River about a mile west of Gateway Canyons Resort.

Now compare that to the next video, shot at the same spot a year earlier in May 2018. I'm sure you'll see a noticeable difference.

Now for the good news. Thanks to the wearing of life jackets, all seven people, and the dog, are safe and sound. Mesa County Search & Rescue Ground Team was called out to help retrieve the rafts and help everyone back to shore. Unfortunately, due to water currents running too strong, one of the rafts is a goner.

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