Downtown Grand Junction is absolutely amazing in many ways. It's there that you'll find music venues such as the Mesa Theater and Avalon Theater, countless art galleries, music-centric businesses like Triple Play Records and J.B. Hart Music, a variety of great restaurants, and more.

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However, one of the first things that first-time visitors to the downtown area of Grand Junction, Colorado is the art. Taking a leisurely walk down Main Street is an especially special experience partially due to these art installations and certainly enhances the area's overall identity.

Curious, I posted a question on Facebook asking Grand Junction residents a hypothetical question regarding adding another statue to the downtown area and if they were able to choose who the statue would memorialize, who they would choose.

Grand Junction Colorado Residents Choose Hypothetical New Statue

Much of the thread of responses to my question proved to be a regular who's who of notable figures from Western Colorado's past.

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Some of the figures mentioned included artist David Davis, Congressman Wayne Aspinall, former mayor S.B. Hutchinson, sporting goods icon Gene Taylor, and state park proponent James M. Robb, to name a few.

In addition, current figures of downtown Grand Junction such as Jan Hart of J.B. Hart Music and Rock Cesario of Triple Play Records were also mentioned, but one local legend stood out above all the rest.

As you'll see below, the majority of responses to my question suggested that the most appropriate statue to be erected in downtown Grand Junction would immortalize the scantily-clad figure that in years past, could be seen riding around town on his bicycle in just enough to not get arrested - a man affectionately known as Speedo Man.

Keep scrolling to check out all of the responses chosen by Grand Junction residents with regard to this hypothetical statue:

Grand Junction Colorado Chooses Hypothetical Statue Figures

It will likely come as no surprise that residents of Grand Junction, Colorado overwhelmingly support the idea of erecting a statue downtown of one local legend.

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