By now you've probably heard the story of the motorcyclist who filmed himself driving from Colorado Springs to Denver, Colorado in 20 minutes and then uploaded it to his YouTube channel.

While the video has been removed from YouTube, the rider, a man who goes by Gixxer Brah, has since posted another video (above) that begins with a TV news report about the stunt and his subsequent arrest warrants.

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Brah had been avoiding his inevitable arrest since the incident took place back in September, but he has since been caught. So, what's next for the YouTuber?

What's Going to Happen to YouTuber Who Sped Through Colorado?

Brah, whose real name is Rendon Dietzmann, was picked up by police in the small town of Justin, Texas where he resides.

While Brah was evading police, it was reported that he was facing numerous charges regarding the dangerous trip he took up the I-25 corridor then subsequently uploaded to YouTube.

The Colorado State Patrol was looking to charge Brah with numerous series crimes including menacing, engaging in a speed contest, reckless endangerment, reckless driving, speeding 40 miles per hour over the speed limit, exhibition of speed, and driving without a license plate.

While it appears that prosecutors will likely continue to seek some if not all of the above charges, according to the Denton County Sheriff's Office, Brah was arrested and booked into custody earlier this week on a seemingly unrelated assault charge out of El Paso County, Colorado.

While Brah's future is yet to be determined at present, it's safe to assume that he won't be uploading any new motorcycle videos onto YouTube for a while.

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