The Four Corners region of southwestern Colorado is an interesting place, to say the least. It's there that you'll find the ancient ruins of Mesa Verde, as well as eerie tales of the Navajo Skinwalkers.

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However, right between Mesa Verde National Park and Mancos, Colorado sits a piece of property filled with impressive, and sometimes even bizarre, works of art, all of which are creations of the infinitely creative and eccentric David Sipe.

David Sipe's Folk Art World of Southwestern Colorado

David Sipe plays by his own rules. He creates magnificent works of art using various saws including chainsaws and Skilsaws, and sells his unique folk art on his property in rural Southwestern Colorado.

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Sipe notes that the pieces are often not anatomically or politically correct, which makes them especially unique.

As you'll see below, it's not unusual to see Sipe bouncing on his trampoline with a running chainsaw, skipping alongside his creations on the side of the road, and speaking his mind in a whimsical and unfiltered way.

Sipe says that in addition to the up-close and personal tour of his artwork on his property, visitors also get "a little bit of free psychotherapy with each purchase."

You might also notice a little bit of Sipe in each of his creations as he says that he puts a bit of his own personality into each one, often without even trying.

Keep scrolling to take a virtual tour of David Sipe's Folk Art World, a must-see roadside attraction in Southwestern Colorado:

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