Back in May, I had an absolutely incredible opportunity to interview two members of one of modern rock’s most successful bands, Kings of Leon.

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I was able to chat with Matthew and Nathan Followill, who play lead guitar and drums respectively for the titans of alternative rock.

Their newest album, Can We Please Have Fun, released on May 10th to critical acclaim.

Kings of Leon Origins and Success

Getty Images // Frazer Harrison
Getty Images // Frazer Harrison

Kings of Leon started as a Southern and garage rock band back in 1999 in Nashville, Tennessee. 

It was started by the Followill family, consisting of the brothers Caleb (guitar and lead vocals), Nathan (drums), and Jared (bass). They were then joined by their cousin, Matthew, who plays lead guitar.

Interestingly, each member of the band goes by their middle name.

The band originally started as a project between Caleb and Nathan, but soon expanded after the duo taught Jared the bass and relocated Matthew from Mississippi to Tennessee.

The band’s name actually is a reference to their grandfather, Leon, who they all shared a bond with.

They immediately started on the major label RCA, and soon gained massive momentum in the UK, scoring nine Top 40 singles in the country along with obtaining a coveted number 1 record in the country with Because of the Times.

They also achieved incredible success in the US, winning three Grammy Awards and earning a platinum record. Worldwide, they have sold over 20 million albums.


In this interview, I sit down with Matthew and Nathan from Kings of Leon to talk about their new album, favorite snacks, and massages from Paul McCartney.

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