If you’re a history buff, Colorado’s got a ton of great spots that are just for you. 

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You can head over to the Castlewood Dam, which burst in the 1930s but now offers you a fantastic hiking experience. 

While you’re at it, head out to the Western Slope to visit the most photographed spot in Colorado, the Crystal Mill

You can also head to the oldest movie theater in the Western United States. It’s called the Park Theatre out in Estes Park, and it opened in 1913.

However, the oldest restaurant in Colorado also has a ton of history. However, some say the spot could be haunted as well.

The Buckhorn Exchange in Denver is Colorado’s Oldest Restaurant

Yelp // Greg R.
Yelp // Greg R.

The Buckhorn Exchange has been serving customers incredible meals for 131 years. As Denver has changed over the years, the restaurant has continued to keep the Old West alive all these years later.

Starting in 1893, it is quite possibly Colorado’s most historic restaurant, originally catering towards miners, railroad workers, and cattlemen. 

It has been a part of historic events as well. When Prohibition started in Colorado in 1916, the saloon’s front was transformed into a grocery store.

After Prohibition ended and each restaurant and bar was required to have a liquor license, the Buckhorn Exchange received the state’s first ever copy. 

It also has served four Presidents of the United States, including Theodore Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower, Jimmy Carter, and Ronald Reagan. 

Is the Buckhorn Exchange Haunted?

Yelp // Qinghua W.
Yelp // Qinghua W.

On account of the restaurant being well over 100 years old, it is said that the Buckhorn Exchange very well could be haunted

For one, over the years, it is assumed that many miners, cowboys, and others have likely died near the restaurant. It is said their ghosts now haunt the place. 

In terms of the paranormal experiences people have had there, many people cite hearing voices. 

On the other hand, others have heard footsteps when there is no one around. Finally, reports of tables and objects moving in unnatural ways are common as well. 

What is the Dining Experience Like at the Buckhorn Exchange?

Yelp // Janet D.
Yelp // Janet D.

The Buckhorn Exchange truly has a menu full of food you don’t typically see.

Of course, it’s a classic steakhouse through and through, but you can indulge yourself in rattlesnake with red chile and lime, fried alligator tail, and, of course, Rocky Mountain oysters.

Over on Yelp, many users praise the Buckhorn Exchange for its great meals and historic atmosphere. 

Sydney F. had a fantastic and well-rounded meal:

“The quail was my favorite bite, followed by the apple pie, and sausage appetizer”

Jen S. was a huge fan of the buffalo prime rib, but loved the historic aspect of eating at this legendary restaurant:

“Step back through history in this restaurant. Every nook and cranny has something to see!”

Finally, Osvaldo V. tried out a legendary drink and loved it:

“I started off with the Buffalo Bill’s cocktail that they have been serving for 131 years. It’s made of bourbon and apple juice. It was real good.”

With all of this being said, if you’re looking for a fantastic spot with a ton of history, take a look at the historic Buckhorn Exchange out in Denver.

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