A Colorado business specializing in the sale of costumes announced they would be closing their doors just after Halloween. It seems, however, there's been an "enchanting twist" in the story.

If you're looking to buy a Halloween costume or enticing piece of lingerie, you're in luck. This Grand Junction, Colorado store is here to stay.

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Costume Shop in Colorado Hosting a Retirement Sale

After close to 30 years of service, Mad Margaret's at 807 North 1st Street in Grand Junction, Colorado announced they would be closing their doors after Halloween 2023. With that, they initiated a huge retirement sale. In addition to selling off the impressive inventory, the owners hoped they might sell off the entire business. Well, guess what?

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Now's The Time To Stock Up

Back in September 2023, Mad Margaret's official webpage read, "In celebration of our retirement, we’re excited to offer you an exclusive deal: EVERYTHING is now 25% OFF the original price! Please note that this fantastic discount does not apply to clearance items." At that time, the store has an inventory of over 3,500 "unparalleled" costumes.

All the merchandise, costumes, accessories, counters, storage containers, cash registers, cleaning equipment, and possibly even the owner, "Mr. Margaret," had been priced to sell.

Lots To Choose From at This Colorado Costume Shop

This store has been open year-round, offering far more than just Halloween costumes. As their webpage states, "Grand Junction’s year-round, locally cherished Emporium of Enchantment!"

One More BIG ticket Item

As the store's impending closure approached, the owners suggested that if someone were motivated to do so, they could purchase the entire store. Mad Margaret's Facebook page read:

We would gladly be open to entertain any reasonable authenticated offer. Ken and I would be honored, excited and so very happy if Mad Margaret’s were to continue to live on in Grand Junction. If seriously interested and financially solvent call the store and leave your name and number. I will give you a call.

Presto Chango... Happy Halloween!

It appears that is precisely what happened. As of October 15, 2023, a post on Mad Margaret's official Facebook page read:

 Behold, an enchanting twist in our tale! Mad Margaret's is no longer bidding farewell to the world. The retirement sale has vanished like a wisp of fairy dust. With new owners at the helm, our story takes a whimsical turn as we journey into a new chapter of wonder and delight. Your support means the world to us, and we're eager to continue this magical adventure together!

Make plans to visit this awesome local business and meet the new owners. You'll find the inventory to be as impressive as ever. Today, November 6, 2023, they are closed for inventory. They'll be closed on Tuesday, November 7 as well. In the meantime, make plans to attend the grand re-opening on November 18, 2023.

Grand Junction Colorado Costume Shop Is For Sale

A Western Colorado costume shop with a hugely successful 30-year run will be closing its doors. It's time for the owners to retire, and they're selling off the inventory, and maybe even the business.

Mad Maraget's at 807 North 1st Street in Grand Junction, Colorado, will be closing down shortly after Halloween 2023. Everything in the store is on sale. For that matter, even the fixtures are for sale. Word has it that "Mr. Margaret" may be for sale.

Here's a look at this popular Grand Junction business, what they sell, and what's still available for the short term.

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