Watching an amazing sunset over the Rocky Mountains is on most Coloradan's 'must-see' bucket list. It's also an activity on the bucket list for most people visiting the Grand Junction area in Colorado. While there are several options, one Western Slope location has got to be considered one of the best spots anywhere in the state.

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One of the best places to watch the sun rise or set in Western Colorado is found in Montrose County. Due to the remote location, this location is only open from May to October, yet countless guests visit this special overlook every summer.

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Sunset View at Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park

Sunset VIew at Black Canyon of the Gunnison
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You may have noticed the glistening Gunnison River in the middle of the photo, which may have made it obvious this setting is an overlook inside the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park. It's located at the far West end of Rim Drive Road, overlooking the Black Canyon Wilderness area.

The Sunset View overlook area includes a parking lot, bathrooms, and a short trail (0.1 mile) that leads to a breathtaking spot for watching the sun go down over Western Colorado. The trail is close to nearby cliffs and dangerous terrain, so stay on the trail and keep little ones close by.

What is the Elevation at Sunset View?

Sunset View sits at an elevation of around 8,100 feet. This overlook is just a bit higher than some of the overlooks at places like the Colorado National Monument, and the view is not obstructed by any trees making it a great place for taking photographs.

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Does It Cost Money To Visit Sunset View?

The Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park does require an entry fee. This fee depends on the vehicle you arrive in, and the type of pass you are interested in purchasing. Private vehicles cost $30, Motorcycles cost $25, and an annual pass $55. If you are like us and live on the Western Slope we recommend the annual pass so you can see as many amazing sunsets as you like for a one-time fee.

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