If you remember, the classic big box store chain, ‘Bed Bath & Beyond’, closed hundreds of stores this past summer due to the company filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

The company tried to make a turnaround to continue operations, but it failed, leaving hundreds of empty stores across the country. 

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For many in Fort Collins, the closure was bittersweet. While the sales that took place as a part of its closure attracted huge crowds, with savings up to 80% off, it was a staple on College Avenue. 

Sure, the store has come back as an online retailer, but it is still not the same as strolling through those huge aisles.  

However, it seems the building will be vacant no longer, with new ownership taking over. 

Gordon Food Service is Set to Take Over the Old ‘Bed Bath & Beyond’ Location in Fort Collins 


According to Yahoo! Finance, the old ‘Bed Bath & Beyond’ store in Fort Collins appears to become a food service warehouse for Gordon Food Service

Gordon is based in Wyoming, Michigan, and has many locations across the Midwest and the South. 

However, it would appear this would be the furthest West the company has expanded to thus far. 

Being that this will likely become a food distribution center, their main customers will be restaurants, not people. Yahoo! notes it will be similar to the Shamrock Foodservice Warehouse located in Fort Collins. 

While the proposal is still in the application phase, it is interesting that the vacancy left behind by ‘Bed Bath & Beyond’ is already in the talks to be filled.

The question remains: How do you feel about this? Are you happy the store is already getting replaced, or are you disappointed with what is replacing the old 'Bed Bath & Beyond'?

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