Only halfway through 2024, and we’re now saying goodbye to one of Colorado's most popular and unique local restaurants. This one really has the local community pretty upset, as it should.

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Famous Local Colorado Restaurant Closing Down For Good

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All across Colorado, we’ve got some truly fantastic locally-owned and run businesses and restaurants. Sadly, in the last handful of years, many of those local favorites, including this fantastic family-owned restaurant in Frederick, Colorado.

Elf Grill In Dacono, Colorado, Announces They’re Closing

Everyone loves food, right? That was the idea when the Bertram Family launched their extremely popular E.L.F. (Everyone. Loves. Food.) Grill 7 years ago just off of I-25 in Dacono, Colorado.

Before it was Elf Grill, it was an old Gas Station - Google Maps
Before it was Elf Grill, it was an old Gas Station - Google Maps

Since the grand opening as Elf Grill nearly a decade ago, this extremely uniquely themed restaurant, full of familiar little Elf of the Shelf elves, has won over the hearts, and stomachs of an entire community and beyond. If you've ever been, you know just how incredible this place is.

People would come from all over Colorado and beyond to experience this small one-of-a-kind family restaurant. Not only was the theming fantastic, but the amazing homemade food and incredible service made it the perfect dining experience.

This week, the Bertram family sadly announced that their Elf dream has ended and would be closing for good. In a message to their loyal customers, that within hours of posting had hundreds of sad comments, the family explains their decision to close down their popular restaurant.

Having been a frequent visitor of ELF, I know my family and I are greatly going to miss it. Not just the theme, not just the food, but the fact that Ryan and his family always, ALWAYS made you feel important and like family as well. Hard to find that kind of service these days.

Birthdays, graduations, and random Saturday or Sunday morning breakfasts, we always found a reason to visit the gang at Elf and felt like family every single time. The vibe there is hard to describe outside of this one simple word, special.

While they don’t give an exact closing date, they did confirm that the doors will be closing for good in June. If you’ve ever been, or maybe you’ve never been before, you’ve got a little time to experience this incredible family-owned gem before it’s gone forever. Thank you Elf, you were truly one of a kind and we'll miss your uniquely little home, but we'll forever cherish the memories made.



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