Chalk this one up as one of those things that I'm absolutely terrified of. Not that it could happen around here, right? Surely this is the sort of thing that happens other places - like other states?

Nope. This happened to 42-year old Amber Hall, who had just closed on her dream home in Centennial, Colorado - of all places.

And then a month later, she started discovered snakes. Everywhere.

Her dog was barking at something in the corner of the garage. She went over to investigate and saw a snake... not just IN the garage, but inside a crevice in the WALL of the garage. And it wasn't alone as it slithered up inside the wall. She felt the outside of the wall and it felt warm like something else was up in there. And since then, had discovered at least ten more snakes in various places in and around the garage.

And guess what? The garage is where all her boxes have been kept as she unpacked from moving in just a month ago. Time to get all new stuff. Those boxes belong to the snakes now.

She called in a pest company and has spent - so far - over $1,000 on their humane removal. But they keep finding more. I admire their determination and obviously it's what you have to do, but I probably would have surrendered the house to the snakes and left after finding the second or third one.

It's likely the house is built on top of some sort of snake den and with the arrival of warmer weather, they're coming out to have a look. That being said, the pest company says judging by the size of some of them, it's possible that there are some that have been living in the walls for two years or more.

The realtor who listed the house, by the way, says they didn't know the snakes were there, otherwise they would have said something about them.

If you're interested, and snakes don't give you the complete and total creeps, you can check out more on the story and some terrifying video from our friends at Denver7.

Otherwise, sweet dreams and sleep tight. I'll probably never sleep again.

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