It's safe to say that most things in life these days are caught on camera somehow, somewhere... even if you don't see the red blinking light.

For many people, a dash cam is an extra security blanket when it comes to getting in an accident to help you prove you weren't at fault, or in other cases, prove someone else was.

In this case, a dash cam shows what happened on Oct. 17, when a huge tow truck lost control on I-70 in Lakewood, colliding with several other vehicles and causing a major crash.

In the video provided to Fox31 Denver, you see a small white SUV in the lane to the truck's right abruptly merge left, and right into the front of the tow truck, in order to avoid traffic that had stopped in front of it. There's additional video facing the driving of the tow truck where you can see his reaction as he's cut off and collides with the vehicle, then other vehicles as he swerves in an attempt to regain control before ultimately going off the road and rolling over several times.

Fortunately the driver of the truck - and other involved drivers - escaped with only minor injuries. After watching the video, you can see how it could have been much, much worse.

It took a while to find the dash cam and footage, as the camera was ejected from the truck during the rollover. It was eventually found a ways from the truck and had almost landed in water.

The driver of the white Mazda SUV was ticketed for careless driving, causing injury as a result of the crash and video of it.

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