Colorado amusement parks vary in their ways, but they all bring fun for the summer. Estes Park's Fun City has been around for over 50 years; with their 55th season they announced changes.

Whether you're coming from Northern Colorado or other parts of the state, or you're a visitor from out of state headed to Rocky Mountain National Park, hitting up Fun City should be a part of your Estes trip.

Those giant rainbow-colored slides are hard to miss when you come into town; they've been there for decades, enticing travelers to stop in for some good old-fashioned fun. Hundreds of thousands have done so since Fun City opened.

Fun City in Estes Park, Colorado, Removes Fun Attraction in 2024

It's hard to believe, but according to the Estes Park Trail Gazette, fans of Fun City's bumper cars will be very saddened to hear that they've taken them out. I'm bummed that I never did ride them, and now the chance has passed.

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On the bright side, Fun City will be bringing in a new roller coaster ride to take the bumper cars' place.

New Paintball-like Attraction Comes to Fun City in Estes Park

Lots of people like to play a round of paintball, but do not like how your clothing can get stained with paint. In 2024 Fun City added Gel Blasters, which shoot out little "gellets" that are eco-friendly and don't leave a mess. That sounds like a lot of fun.

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Other Recent Additions at Fun City

With the changes in 2024, Fun City still had the classics, like bumper boats, the water shootout, and the bungee-trampoline; but, you'll find some new things:

  • Maze Runner inflatable arena (similar to 'Capture the Flag.)
  • New Go Carts.
  • Panning for gems.
  • 36-holes of mini-golf.
  • Inflatable balls for walking on the water.
  • New arcade games.

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