Owning a pet in Colorado could have started to cost you even more money, if a new bill that was introduced had passed.

Coloradans and others heard about the bill and went to social media to decry the pet fee.  If you have multiple pets, the cost was going to add up, quickly.

It  didn't seem like a really good idea.

Cat and Dog

You love your "furry family members," you dogs, your cats, your bunny rabbits. If Colorado started making us pay to register our pets, would we be adopting less?

What Was This New 'Pet Registration' Bill in Colorado About?

Introduced on January 31, 2024, HB24-1163 wanted the state to create the "Pet Animal Registration System." Coloradans would have been required to register each "pet animal" in their household or face a monetary penalty.

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How Much Would Have Coloradans Had to Pay to Register Their Pets?

If the bill had actually passed, Coloradans would have been paying:

  • Up to $8.50/year per pet.
  • Up to $16/year if your dogs or cats are not spayed/neutered.
  • Up to $25/year if you do not designate a caregiver for each pet.

What Does 'Caregiver' Mean?

From the bill:

The caregiver is responsible for the care and safekeeping of the pet animal during an emergency that incapacitates the pet animal owner.

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Where Would this 'Registration' Money Have Gone?

Most of it would have gone to establish and maintain the new system. Part of the money would also have reimbursed animal shelters across Colorado their costs for taking custody of pet animals, if their caregiver could not be located.

What Would Have Been the Penalty if We Didn't Register Our Pets

A fine of up to $100 for each pet not registered.

Who Introduced This 'Pet Registration' Bill in Colorado?

Democratic Representative Regina English, from El Paso County.

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