Meow Wolf Denver is a unique and playful destination that features incredible large-scale interactive and amazing immersive art installations. The 90,000-square-foot complex is called Convergence Station and is Meow Wolf's largest permanent installation in the country.

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Convergence Station is presented as an interdimensional transport hub of the Quantum Department of Transportation linking Earth to the Convergence of Worlds. The alien worlds are split into four different realms, and visitors can take their time exploring each portal to the max - all under one (massive) roof.

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Since opening in 2021, Meow Wolf Denver has become a popular place for both tourists and locals alike. But for first-timers, visiting this sensory-heavy, immersive experience can also be a bit overwhelming.

Tips For First-Timers to Colorado's Meow Wolf Denver

Convergence Station virgins may want to keep these tips in mind when planning a trip to Meow Wolf Denver.

Gallery Credit: Kelsey Nistel

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