We automatically assume that our phones are private and safe. Here is a reality check for you, your data is not always safe.

If you live in Colorado you might want to check your phone and keep on your toes due to a major malware attack that is affecting iPhone owners across the globe.

Update Your Phone Now

There was a major update last month for iPhone users. Apple urged all users across the globe to update their phones. Now it looks like we know why Apple wanted us to be phone-free for a few minutes.

61% of Americans have an iPhone. This is a huge issue for Coloradans.

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Wired reports that iPhone attacks have been happening. They say that cybercriminals are installing spyware on phones. T

his spyware analyzes everything that you do. Whether it is to text your husband that you will be late from work, your calendar, your passwords, and cybercriminals even can listen through your microphone when you are not using your phone.

Talk about scary. Talk about an invasion of privacy.

Spyware Is Hard to Detect


Unless you notice strange charges to your banking statements, or that your social media pages have been hacked, spyware is generally difficult to detect. Here is what Joseph Henry from Tech Times says.

Meanwhile, detection remains challenging; however, symptoms like rapid battery drain, unexpected device behavior, or high data usage may suggest an infection.

Best Advice For Coloradans

This is a growing problem in our state. Unfortunately, there are many instances where our digital lives can be leaked.

The best advice we can give is to ensure you are updating your phone and smart devices as often as they are released.

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