The words that were the most impactful to me when watching the video from the Denver Broncos on the new plans for a training facility was when President, Damani Leech, said "Really make this a football-first organization and committed to making the Broncos the best in the league".

As a lifelong Denver Broncos fan, hearing that is refreshing. We all know that the Denver Broncos have been less than great over the past few years. Watching them play as a professional team and win is something we all want to see in Colorado.

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On November 7, the Denver Broncos announced that a new training facility would be coming for the players, coaching staff, and the entire Denver Broncos team. The current Denver Broncos training facility is three decades old and there is a definite need for a facelift even with the expansions that have taken place in the past.

The ownership group and the full senior staff toured a number of facilites around the country trying to put together the best facility for the Denver Broncos.

We looked at a number of options around the country and thought about renovation versus building new.


Ultimately, I think, as a testament to ownership, they really just wanted to build it the right way and do it the right way and waht was best for the Broncos. that ended up being building a new facility for the Broncos.

Said Damani Leech in the introduction video for the facility on YouTube.

The new facility will have more than 320,000 square feet located on the 26-acre Denver Broncos campus. Construction on the new facility will begin after the current end of the Denver Broncos season ends in spring of 2024 and completion is slated before the start of the 2026 Denver Broncos football season.

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