Last year Dave’s Hyundai got stolen. It seemed sort of odd because the car was recovered which police told them was highly unlikely when they first reported it. Upon recovery, they found that while some of their stuff had been stolen it was mostly messed up and seemed like it had been done by amateurs.

Photo by Bastian Pudill on Unsplash
Photo by Bastian Pudill on Unsplash

When they got home they found an explanation in the mail, I didn’t know this until we received the same letter, but ours was from Kia. I didn’t put two and two together until I talked to him about it today when he filled me in on why the robbery was so juvenile.

It seems that they were a victim of a TikTok challenge that encourages people to steal Hyundai and Kia vehicles on a dare.

I will explain from the point of view of the Kia letter sent to us to help us protect our Kia. The letter states that certain social media challenges have encouraged the stealing of certain Kia (and Hyundai though not mentioned in our letter) vehicles.

In response to this new phenomenon of online theft promotion, we have been taking various actions and working with local law enforcement agencies to try and address this criminal activity.

They offered some modifications that should protect our vehicle that would be installed for free.

This modification consists of a theft-deterrent ignition cylinder protector and will be available to you for free.


So if you have a Hyundai or a Kia and have not received a letter, contact your dealer and see if your vehicle qualifies for the improvements. It might save you the hassle of a dumb TikTok prank.

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