There are many legendary artists from Colorado. Earth Wind & Fire, The Lumineers, and even John Denver calls Colorado home.

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What is the best song about the Centennial State? Experts have weighed in and narrowed it down to one song.

“You Wild Colorado” By Johnny Cash

Can I Be Honest For A Moment?

I had never heard this song until writing this article. However, "You Wild Colorado" by Johnny Cash is the #1 song about Colorado. The song is only 1:45 in length and the lyrics are extremely straightforward.

Oh you wild raging river from the fountains of the mountains
You ripple down the valleys growing wide and swift and deep
With what powed you cut your canyons how long ago
You're as wayward as my woman you wild Colorado

Lyric found via Genius.
"You Wild Colorado" is on Johnny Cash's 1965 album Orange Blossom Special. The short song was overshadowed because Cash's hit song "It Aint Me Babe" also appeared on the album.

Is the Song Actually About Colorado?

Not really. Looking at the lyrics, it appears as Cash is comparing a woman in his life to the beautiful natural landscapes in Colorado. Cash calls this person in his life his "wild Colorado".

What Songs Should Have Been #1?

"Rocky Mountain High" by John Denver

How was this song, not #1? "Rocky Mountain High" specifically talks about how beautiful Colorado is.

But the Colorado Rocky Mountain high
I've seen it rainin' fire in the sky
The shadow from the starlight is softer than a lullaby
Rocky Mountain high (Colorado)
Rocky Mountain high (High in Colorado)

Lyric found via Genius.

John Denver has written many songs about Colorado. Here is one of my favorites:

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