I say 'what in the world are they doing?' very often while driving here in Grand Junction. Our streets have seen some stuff. If Grand Junction streets could talk this is what they would say.

  • 1

    North Avenue

    "I'm the most popular street around Grand Junction. Everyone has cruised North (me) for years and will keep doing so for years to come. The traffic is just what you get when you're so popular."

    Street View via Google Maps
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    "Some of you complain that I'm too narrow and that you feel too close to the car next to you. But who are you to judge me and shame me for my shape? I was made like this, deal with it."

    Street View via Google Maps
  • 3

    7th Street

    "North Avenue thinks they're the most 'renowned' street around? Pshh, move aside North Avenue. People love me because I'm gorgeous. Have you seen the houses on my street? I'm classy and well, North, you're not."

    Street View via Google Maps
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    Horizon Drive

    "I'm like a carousel for you and your car. And if you don't how to use a roundabout, you better learn real fast. Good luck."

    Street View via Google Maps
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    Pitkin Avenue

    "You feel like I'm leading you the wrong way, but I promise I'm not. Also it might look a little sketchy, but just trust me. I'll get you to where you need to go."

    Street View via Google Maps