Have you been car shopping lately? I purchased a used vehicle last year right before the automobile market went nuts due to chip shortages and high demands. Thankfully, I got a good price for the vehicle that I wanted.


However, some Coloradans may have needed to get a vehicle during these crazy car times and they are willing to pay a premium. Of course, there is a caveat to paying more. Coloradans are willing to pay more for a vehicle they truly want and like.

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According to Quantrell Auto Group, Colorado residents are willing to spend an additional 14 percent over the manufacturer's suggested retail price of an automobile to purchase the car they really want.

Let's take the MSRP of a brand new  2023 Subaru Outback as an example. A base model 2023 Subaru Outback has a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $28,395. Coloradans are willing to spend an additional $3,975.30 for the base model Subaru Outback.

As we have all seen, vehicle prices continue to climb year after year, plus the addition of certain makes and models being in high demand, some of these vehicles are sold before even making them to Colorado car dealerships.

Coloradans are driving cars they don't like and would spend more to get into a car they love. How many Coloradans are driving cars they don't like? Quantrell Auto Group says approximately 15 percent of those in the state. What about you? Do you like your car? Would you pay a certain percentage over MSRP to get into the car of your dreams? We would love to know.

Source: Quantrell Auto Group

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