After becoming incorporated in 1882, Grand Junction has grown and changed is so many ways. If you've ever wondered what it was like to live in Grand Junction 100 years ago, you can through these photos.

Main Street 1900s

Could you imagine the amount of dust blowing around downtown during one of Grand Junction's windy days? No, thank you. But that Grand Valley National Bank building though, love it.

Main Street 1911

Another shot of downtown Main Street. Can we get the trolleys back?

Main Street 1915

What a difference a few years makes. While a few horse and buggies can be seen, more and more automobiles take over the streets.

Yesteryear's Cars Went Everywhere

As cars became more prevalent, people thought they could take them the same places as a horse. This poor person found himself a little stuck.

I-70 1910s

Speaking of driving. This would be one heck of a long, bumpy and dusty ride to Denver.

Grand Mesa

The Mesa hasn't changed, but the view in downtown has. I think I see my house.

Majestic Theatre

You know this place as the Mesa Theater. Why would anyone tear down the old facade? Gorgeous.

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