You're well aware of phrases like it is so hot I could... melt, fry an egg on the sidewalk, cook dinner on the dash. Those words, melt, fry, and cook can also happen to a child left in the car. This infographic shows how.

According to the Grand Junction Police Department, a child was left in a car at Walmart on Saturday (July 29).

It was determined the time the child was in the vehicle approximately 50 minutes before being rescued.

The outdoor temperature was 87 degrees. At that temperature, The Weather Channel indicates the interior temperature of the car would reach 124 degrees within 30 minutes.

Grand Junction Police Officers broke a window in the car to rescue the 4-year-old child and Paramedics were able to provide treatment on-scene.

The parent was located in the store and told officers the little girl had fallen asleep in her car seat which was in the back seat of the vehicle. Because the child was quiet, the parent forgot the child was in the car.

Here's a tip to help you check the back seat. Put your purse, wallet, or phone in the backseat of your car every time you get in it, even if your child isn't with you.

Also, make it habit to check the backseat when you get out of the car so you don't leave anyone behind.

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