One of Grand Junction's best trails is feeling a bit neglected. Absolutely no one was on this trail for a matter of hours last Saturday evening. Why not?

Western Colorado's Riverfront Trail constitutes an absolute masterpiece. For some reason, though, aside from myself, not one soul chose to walk the Audubon portion of this trail last Saturday evening. This is unfortunate.

When setting out from the Albertson's at the bottom of the hill on Broadway, you are looking at a 4.2-mile walk. That is assuming you go from that point all the way to the ranger station at Connected Lakes, and back. Round trip, even at a slow walking pace, roughly an hour and a half.

Okay, so you would be within your rights to say, "Hey, I have a life, and had other things to do on a Saturday night." That may very well be true. Of course, it is also true that just like I did, you can hit the trail, and then go out and do your Saturday thing.

I never recommend walking this, or any trail, after dark. To date, I've never encountered any weirdos on the trail, and that's after having walked it hundreds and hundreds of times. Still, it's probably best to use it while the sun is still up. It is fun, however, to hit the trail right about 7 p.m., allowing for a nice evening walk, with you getting back to your car right about the time it starts getting dark.

On the one hand, it is enjoyable having the trail to one's self. On the other hand, it's a little heartbreaking to see this awesome trail going unused.

Make a point to visit the Audubon portion of the Riverfront Trail. Early morning is great. Midday is great. Evening, or even right at dusk, equally great. Privacy, scenery, and the sound of flowing water can all be yours, all within an arm's reach of downtown Grand Junction.

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