Grand Junction, Colorado has a brand new fire truck, and it's a beast. This state-of-the-art machine comes equipped with "Safety Cloud" technology. Any guesses what that refers to?

This remarkable technology can reduce the risk of collision by up to 90%. It's cool, and we have it. Here's a deeper look at this new engine and its special features.

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Grand Junction Colorado's Engine 8's Safety Cloud Technology

Grand Junction Fire Station 8 unveiled Engine 8 just a few days ago. This engine is equipped with Safety Cloud developed by HAAS Alert. What does it do?

This Is Some Genuine 'Knight Rider' Stuff

Does "Safety Cloud" means it can turn invisible? Is it like a cloaking device that enables the fire truck to drive undetected through Western Colorado traffic? Upon first hearing of it, I assumed the truck emitted some kind of "cloud" composed of fire retardant, rendering it safe from nearby flames.

The Real Technology Behind 'Safety Cloud'

A statement at Haas Alert reads, "Safety Cloud prevents fleet collisions by delivering real-time notifications to oncoming drivers before they encounter response personnel in or near the roadway."

How precisely does it accomplish this? Hass Alert adds:

Safety Cloud alerts drivers to nearby or stopped responders and fleet vehicles in apps like Waze and through Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

How Do You Get This Feature?

According to Haas Alert, Safety Cloud alerts are delivered to drivers through the Waze navigation app on mobile devices, and through vehicle systems via Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

This technology is not limited to fire trucks. A variety of emergency vehicles use the feature, along with some maintenance vehicles and tow trucks. According to a press release from the Grand Junction Fire Department, at this time the vehicles capable of receiving these alerts include:

  • Jeep
  • Dodge
  • Chrysler
  • RAM
  • Alfa Romeo

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