Spencer Campbell is the manager of Grand Junction High School's football, baseball, and basketball teams according to KKCO. He's a senior with special needs at Grand Junction High School and has always been seen as a teammate and is very involved with his teams.

Spencer always excited about the game and always encourages his teammates to do their best. But during the game on Saturday (Nov. 4) he wasn't watching from the sidelines. Spencer was in the game this time.

After Spencer was handed the ball, he goes all the way. After he runs into the end zone and scores the touchdown, Spencer is celebrated by not just his team, but by everyone.

Both teams huddle around Spencer, embracing him, jumping on him, patting him and showing him as much love and support as possible. What a great moment that I'm sure Spencer, his family, his teammates, school, and town, will never forget.

Spencer's teammate, Marty Huff said:

It was awesome. Makes us realize that we take a lot of things for granted. That one touchdown made his day and day and it was really awesome.

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