Lookout Grand Junction. When it comes to teenagers doing the deed, this town has a new romantic getaway. It's not particularly classy, but the price is right. Don't tell me romance is dead.

The cops showed up at the studio the other day. They were responding to a complaint involving teenagers having sex behind this dumpster. You'll find this cozy romantic getaway in the alley behind the station.

While it's not important, no one from the station called the police. It was a tenant at the nearby apartment building who jumped into action and called authorities.

I'm no critic, but couldn't these kids have found a more appealing location? I'm certainly not an expert, but this is probably the last place on Earth one would go for such adventures. Those weeds look a bit abrasive.

Fortunately for the parties involved, this activity unfolded last Thursday. Had it been two days earlier, we'd really been in for a show. Tuesday is trash day.

According to menshealth.com, the five worst places to have sex are:

  • Airplane
  • Church
  • Public poll
  • At a club
  • Someone else's bed

I'm pretty sure in an alley behind a dumpster is far worse than anything on that list. Precisely who was this cheapskate who couldn't even spring for a decent room? What a dud.

It seems romance is where you find it. These two apparently find it wherever they can. On the other hand, the sign on the dumpster clearly states "Do Not Park."

In the end, the scandal resulted in no arrests or citations. This "close encounter of the weird kind" ended with a few laughs.

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